Wow. Not one, but two (!) integrated campaigns – one for the South Carolina Department of Agriculture and one for Charleston County Aviation Authority – have been chosen for publication in Print magazine.

The magazine – the oldest and most historic graphic design magazine in the U.S. – published their Regional Design Annual in late December. This edition happens to be the last one that will appear in actual print (from here it is moving to an online magazine). So to win for two clients in one of the most respected and anticipated graphic design competitions in the country – the last time it will be in print – is pretty special.

Rebranding the Charleston Airport was a labor of love for us. The client team allowed us to be extremely thorough, getting input from their internal team as well as travelers along the way. We wove together the city’s historic past and growing future – featuring ironwork patterns with a digital feel. Today, the new mark and tag line continue to be applied in and around the airport – you could say it has really taken off.

Food is something we take pretty seriously here at the agency. And local food is even more important. So when we got the opportunity to let millennials know about local restaurants that serve local food in South Carolina, we decided to try something different. Fresh is Best in an integrated campaign that started with the idea of building a vertical garden that hosted video content of chefs and it literally grew to a social campaign that used the Pokémon craze to it’s fullest potential. It was so much fun to watch the team work through this campaign from start to finish and we couldn’t have done it without clients who trusted us from the very beginning.

So, thanks to the hard work of our team here and thanks to our clients for continuing to trust us. As for me, I’m putting this copy of Print on my bookshelf as a great memory of what we accomplished and using it as a motivator to go out there and do even bigger things in 2018.