When I think back to some of my fondest memories, many of them involve sitting around a table with family and friends sharing a meal. Have you ever really thought about the people who make that possible?

Over the past few weeks, I have had the privilege of spending time on farms across our state. Although they were some of the hottest weeks of my life, they were some of the best. I spent time with the farmers who are dedicated to bringing Certified SC Grown produce and products to our grocery stores, farmers markets, restaurants and ultimately, our tables. As a South Carolinian, I am proud we have such hard working farmers in our state. And as a mother, I am honored to serve my family the best, freshest and tastiest produce around.

This project has been eye opening – I learned something new at each location – and was truly amazed by the technology and groundbreaking practices that are happening right here in our backyard.

Certified South Carolina produce and products not only taste better, they are better for you and they help our overall economy. I was honored to meet some of the farmers who make this possible. Through this series of videos, you too can begin to know the roots of the food you eat and those who are responsible for making our best memories a reality.


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