What’s underneath your feet? Sure there’s carpet, linoleum or wood (well, don’t you work in a fancy office), but go lower – past the sub-floor and even past the foundation, right down below the ground: That’s where your building started, and that’s what our client Gulf Stream Construction does.

They clear trees, move earth, grade, install utilities, set up drainage and pave so that buildings can rise. They’re even responsible for roads like the one that got you to work this morning. Only with the general site contractor work of Gulf Stream are buildings and roads even possible. We bet you didn’t realize that.

It was our job to help tout Gulf Stream’s essential site construction work, and so we created a new website for the company that tells the story of Gulf Stream and its capabilities. We’ll send you straight to the project gallery where you can see all the living, working and playing that Gulf Stream has made possible in South Carolina.