Help us restore hope to those still in need.

It’s hard to believe it has been a full year since the 1,000-year flood hit our beloved city. I have never been so proud to call Columbia home. The way that our community rallied together during this devastating tragedy is truly remarkable. People were selfless and more than generous, opening not only their wallets, but their homes, to those in need. Unfortunately, there is a common misperception that the work here is done and everyone affected has been helped. In reality, there are more thanĀ 1,200 confirmed families on a waiting list who are still displaced or living in unfit conditions. People’s needs are less obvious, but no less serious.



At Chernoff Newman, we were honored to partner with United Way of the Midlands to create a campaign thatĀ raises awareness about our neighbors who are still desperately in need. We kicked off a year-long campaign devoted to Restoring Hope for those affected; specifically to raise $2 million and rebuild at least 250 homes. Our role was creating the name, logo, artwork and messaging for print ads, banner ads and outdoor boards, as well as the website where folks can get more information, volunteer their services and make financial contributions.


Thank you to our local media partners for your continued support and ongoing efforts. Your willingness to share Restoring Hope via your broadcasts, TV, print, editorials, digital, outdoor and on social media will be the key to educating the general public about this important need in our community.

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Let’s continue Restoring Hope and get people back to the lives they once loved. Visit to make a real difference in our neighbors lives today!