What’s new at Riverbanks Zoo & Garden?

Sure, there are the sea lions, otters and grizzlies – #ZooPlayDate – but there’s also some fun, new TV commercials to help promote one of the zoo’s signature events, Boo At The Zoo.


A new cast of characters

Known as Columbia’s ‘family spooktacular’, the zoo had been running a clever TV commercial featuring an animated elephant that vacuums up candy from a plastic pumpkin, only to have the pumpkin stick to the end of its trunk. But, it was time for an update. So, in keeping with the spirit of the existing spot, we created a new cast of characters that have their own interactions with the classic plastic pumpkin, including a dung beetle, a chameleon, an ostrich and one of the zoo’s main attractions, sea lions.

Check out three of the new spots below, and get your tickets in advance here.