As a Charlotte native, I’ve had a front row view of our city’s exponential growth over the course of my lifetime. There are a lot of people, and companies, that played a hand in putting Charlotte on the map. Banking legend Hugh McColl – unofficially referred to as ‘the man who built Charlotte’ – of course, comes to mind. But there are other, more behind-the-scenes players who were influential in making Charlotte what it is today. One of those driving forces also happens to be our client, the Arts and Science Council (ASC).

This past October, ASC launched a year-long celebration of its 60th anniversary. That’s 60 years of building the arts and cultural community in Charlotte, 60 years of supporting individual artists, and 60 years of cultural education. Since its inception, ASC has raised tens of millions of dollars to support Charlotte’s growing cultural sector. The organization is a civic force in the region and renowned for running one of the nation’s largest and most successful collective arts funding drives.

To properly commemorate their milestone, ASC tasked us with creating a short video to help celebrate their past and define their future.

ASC released the video on its 60th anniversary date – October 8 – and received numerous accolades from long-time partners, including Bank of America, Foundation For The Carolinas, the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, Discovery Place, and the Charlotte Symphony, among others.

In creating the video, we also wanted it to be dynamic and be something they could use beyond the original video format. True to form, ASC did just that. They took our video narrative and creatively turned it into a full, back-page ad that ran in the Charlotte Observer on October 8, coinciding with the official celebration planned for that day.

We pride ourselves on producing creative content for our clients, but love it even more when they take it and run with it. Happy 60th anniversary, ASC – we look forward to the next 60 years.