Poultry means big business for agribusiness

I have two backyard chickens. One is named Dawn Staley. The other is named Ruth Bader Hensburg – although I have to give credit to my friend Charley for coming up with that one. Together, they provide nearly a dozen fresh eggs a week that are both rich and delicious. And, they love scraps like celery, lettuce, cucumbers and even yogurt.

Meanwhile, South Carolina is aiming to get more of its own backyard chickens, except on a much larger scale. But, I must confess, not necessarily for their eggs. According to the National Chicken Council’s website, the US has the largest broiler chicken industry in the world. So, it’s no wonder our state is actively recruiting big names in the poultry industry.

We’re doing so because of recent law changes that makes it easier for the poultry industry to locate in our state. Attracting the right businesses here has the potential for tens of millions of dollars in economic impact, and lots of jobs.

To help attract the attention of those at the top of the pecking order, we created a recruitment book that points out all the reasons why South Carolina is the perfect place to relocate or establish locations here – the new laws, skilled labor, logistics, location and more. Those might be considered the industry standard pitch when it comes to economic development. But, that’s exactly why we put our own special twist on things.

Our pitch piece is an 8”x8” coffee table book that features chickens… dressed in human clothes… and holding things… in ornate, gold frames. The books will be hand-delivered, and each page of the book is dedicated to each of our selling points. For example, when we talk about logistics, our chicken is wearing a sweatshirt and a day-glow SC Ports safety vest. And, if we’re talking about lifestyle, our chicken is wearing a golf shirt and holding a golf club. Each bird is also appropriately named, like our judge chicken – and my chicken – Ruth Bader Hensburg.

The goals are to differentiate South Carolina from other states, establish more poultry business here and to provide a piece that people in the poultry industry will crow about and share, even though it’s about chickens.

In addition, we created corresponding banner ads that are geofenced to the areas we are targeting. They will serve as a reminder and help reinforce our messages. Of course, we had to include a clever a call to action – “Cluck Here”– to finish out the ad.

Overall, this is a special campaign dedicated to increasing agribusiness in South Carolina and driving economic investment in the state by developing credible leads. That’s the corporate part.

office shoot

The fun part is we all had a great time creating the book, it’s characters and participating in the photoshoot, which was done right here in our office with an intern as a model who knew her head was just going to be photoshopped out and replaced with a chicken. Such is the life of an intern. Besides, it was much easier than hiring a chicken wrangler. Yes, there is such a thing.