...on where to find South Carolina's best barbecue

DavidCEverybody knows advertising is about appealing to the hearts and minds of consumers. But when it comes to our food and beverage experience, we think it’s, well, a matter of taste.

That’s why when thrillist.com wanted to know where House of Cards’ Frank Underwood should really look for South Carolina’s best barbecue, they turned to our own David Campbell:

…we can’t help wondering why Frank, a South Carolina boy, doesn’t spend more time talking about his home state’s thriving barbecue scene. To fill in the blanks, we called up two local experts, who gave us eight quintessential examples of the SC style. Lake High is the president and founder of the South Carolina Barbeque Association, while David Campbell is a regional barbecue judge.

While David is our resident expert, you can set out on your own culinary adventure on the SC Barbecue Trail – or find other local delights using the Fresh on the Menu app.