At Chernoff Newman, we’re always trying to push the creative boundary, employing innovative ideas that allow us to showcase a brand while providing value to the target audience.

EDF Energy, a London-based utilities company, has done just that. Capitalizing on the popularity and high-volume of attendees at the 2012 London Olympics, EDF Energy has launched its first “brand hub” called the Pavilion.

The Pavilion is an experiential center designed to help visitors make “greener” choices and educate them about the magic of electricity. It features a series of displays about better managing energy use as well as hands-on activities—users can operate hand pedals and jump up and down on a special floor to generate electricity that powers a light installation in the hub. The Pavilion aims to inform and entertain Olympic visitors while also promoting the EDF Energy brand. The company plans to open similar hubs across the United Kingdom if the Pavilion concept proves successful.

As the official electricity supplier of the London Olympics, EDF Energy will run the hub throughout the Olympics alongside its advertising campaign to promote its participation in the event.