Lots of brands focus on the first (and truly important) step of gaining online followers, advocates and enthusiasts, but we must remember the other half of that equation – getting folks to interact with brands IRL.

Old Speckled Hen wanted to capitalize on the brand’s 13,000 Facebook fans, connecting them to local ale retailers in major markets throughout the U.S. So suave brand mascot Henry the fox hit the road.

‘The Great American Road Trip’ Giveaway draws in Facebook users, asking them to guess which city Henry’s visiting each week. Then the rubber meets the road as local pubs host Old Speckled Hen events, putting pints in hands and bringing the brand to life.

We designed the Road Trip giveaway page and Facebook ads with a nod toward the nostalgia of the open road, that uniquely American sensation of putting the top down and driving ’til the scenery changes. Henry has a spare seat in his trusty MGB for anyone who wants to come along.