When days get busy and I’m jumping from one project to the next – balancing work and family and friends and the ever-recurring need to go grocery shopping*, I often hear my grandfather’s voice in my head with his routine inquiry “tell me, Elizabeth – what have you done today for the good of the order?”

While as an adult, I realize he likely co-opted the question from Robert’s Rules of Order (a product of many a committee meeting, I’m sure), as a child – I simply took his line of questioning to mean that –  daily – we should do something to help our family, the people in our day-to-day lives and our community at large.

Most days, I admittedly don’t do enough ‘for the good of the order.’ So, I always relish the opportunity to (along with my fabulous coworkers) work with Trident United Way – an organization determined to make big, life-impacting change in our community. The focus behind this year’s video is how change doesn’t happen alone. How when we’re united in our focus, in our dedication, in our giving  – we can create a community where we’re all living better.  Because as the video says, “the more educated, financially stable and healthy our neighbors are, the more we all thrive as a one community.”


So I encourage you to watch the video, think about what you’ve done for others today and should your finger/mouse happen to feel the need to click right here, that’d be great, too.

*Because sometimes I need to remind myself that as annoying as it is that groceries constantly need replenishing – thanks to my education, I have a job I love that also comes with a paycheck enabling me to buy groceries. May all in our community be so fortunate.