DIY planter videos

When most consumers think of Florida and the Fresh From Florida brand, they’re usually associated with produce and seafood. But Florida is one of the largest producers of indoor and outdoor plants in the United States.

With the popularity of DIY video projects continuing to soar, the Florida Department of Agriculture asked us to concept and produce two horticultural videos. We found projects that are easy to complete and worked with a South Carolina animator and a Florida director to show people how simple it is to create a ‘topsy turvy’ planter and to re-purpose two-liter bottles into self-watering herb planters.

Of course, each of the projects includes using Fresh From Florida plants and highlights how much fun indoor and/or outdoor gardening can be – even if you have very little experience. All it takes is a little creativity. So, if you happen to be in Florida, look for the Fresh From Florida sign next time you’re out looking for indoor and outdoor plants. And no matter where you are, you can check out these – and many other Fresh From Florida videos – online.