The Budweiser Clydesdales spot wins our Super Bowl Poll for 2013. Call it tradition. Call it a perfect choice in music. Call it the sap in all of us – the majority speaks with 759 votes for the iconic commercial. If you missed it, you can check out the extended version here. I think my favorite part in the whole thing is at the end when the owner’s hat kind of falls to the side upon their embrace. Such a sweet moment.

And speaking of tradition of sorts, our second place spot went to the Fast and the Furious movie promo. Why tradition? Because it is the sixth movie in this series. A total of 444 people voted for this spot in our Facebook poll. Definitely not a sweet moment in this piece… it is all action, all the time.

The Taco Bell Viva Young spot took third place with 275 votes. This funny – yet smart – spot played on the brand’s tagline Viva Mas. But here’s the thing… you have to hear the spot to actually get how conceptual it really was. If you were at a party and missed that part, then turn up your speakers and enjoy here.

Votes fell from there, with Dodge’s spot featuring the eloquent and heart thumping Farmer diatribe from an old Paul Harvey speech collecting 168 clicks. Tide, Audi, Jeep/USO and one of my personal favorites Oreo all got less than 40 votes each. And maybe the most telling votes of all were the two for the GoDaddy spot featuring Beauty and the Nerd. Not kidding folks. The one spot that many people said took the cake only got two nibbles here.

We hope you enjoyed ranking the ads this year – thanks to all who participated! Here’s to a 2013 full of other commercials to watch, laugh at, scoff at, roll your eyes at but hopefully never forget.