This week AMC debuted its new documentary style series, “The Pitch,” offering a behind-the-scenes look at the world of advertising.  Each week two competing advertising agencies are given a creative assignment and a chance to win a new client. With only a week to develop the campaign and make the big pitch, the stakes and pressure are extremely high. Dynamic brainstorming sessions, creative debates lasting until the wee hours, and a fervent dedication to finding the perfect tagline shed some light on the real-life work of advertising agencies.

The premiere episode features Waste Management (WM), North America’s largest waste company, which presents the firms with an assignment to develop a comprehensive advertising campaign, heavily incorporating social platforms to communicate WM’s corporate shift of rethinking waste as an energy source.  One firm takes a more straight-forward approach selling a concept based on two compelling words, “Trash Can,” while the other firm presents a multi-layered campaign, “Turn waste Into WOW,” including high-tech interactive techniques and a stirring video manifesto to kick-off the pitch.

…So, which firm made the best pitch? Is it all about an inspiring concept or showing the client an executable campaign complete with bells and whistles?

From our point of view, it seems that the most effective pitch is one that evokes emotion while conveying to the client a deep understanding of their mission and goals.

What do you think? Are you watching “The Pitch”? Which firm should WM have selected and why? What makes a winning pitch?  Find out more about the series here and learn which firm WM selected: