Although our world has changed dramatically over the last few weeks, there is one thing that has remained constant — our state’s farmers continue to work hard, day-in and day-out, to grow and harvest fresh, local food.

I have loved watching the way our community has rallied around one another, lifting each other up and finding ways to support our farmers. People are looking for roadside markets, farmers markets, ways to buy direct from community supported agriculture (CSA) locations and having items delivered. And, when it comes to take-out, people are choosing to order from Fresh on the Menu restaurants, which prioritize using local produce and products.

These days, eating local just means so much more. That’s why we worked with the SC Department of Agriculture to create broadcast and social videos that focus on this very sentiment.


Keeping health and safety a priority and complying with social distancing practices, these spots were created solely from existing footage and the voiceover was recorded in a home studio.



As our local farmers and restaurants work tirelessly to feed our families, it’s important for us to feed them financially. The SC Department of Agriculture has compiled a list of farms, markets and wholesalers with direct-to-consumer sales during these unprecedented times. To find freshness, support local and shop direct, visit You’ll also find a list of CSA locations, farmers that have on-site pick up and even local produce delivery.

As we focus on social distancing in an effort to stop the virus from spreading, local farmers are busy growing produce and products. In a time of uncertainty, let’s continue to support those who work hard to ensure our families have safe, healthy and delicious food on our tables.