You’ve seen the spot. And if you haven’t seen it, then surely you’ve heard someone belt out the punch line on a recent Wednesday. I even saw a twitter buddy complaining that he’s already tired of the repeated phrase. (I’m pointing at you, Adam Powell.) And that made me think of another great spot that had every man, woman and child repeating it. Have you thought of it yet? Okay, I’ll help… It’s Where’s the Beef?

But here’s the difference between the two very catchy and completely adorable spots: Geico’s Hump Day is a water cooler spot based on nothing more than the middle of the week catchphrase bringing happiness, while Wendy’s Where’s the Beef? was based on the strategic product differentiation of their bigger burgers.

So which one works better? I guess time will tell to see if Geico’s sales will increase. Maybe if the camel gets his own TV series (like his caveman predecessor), we’ll know that the midday happy-go-lucky work stroll drove sales. But my bets are on the Grannys begging the question of where’s the beef. Because great creative based on strategy is always a winner in my book.

And… if you’ve been living under a rock with the cavemen, then here are links to the two commercials:
Hump Day
Where’s the Beef? 

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