WIS-TV (Two Part Feature): Working to build increased visibility for Force Protection, Inc., the Chernoff Newman Public Relations Department worked alongside Sunrise anchor, Stewart Moore, to adequately portray the lifesaving armored vehicles used in Afghanistan and Iraq. After coordinating a private, guided tour with Force Protection, Inc.’s Senior Communications Director Tommy Pruitt, Mr. Moore was able to go behind the scenes at Force Protection, Inc.’s headquarters in Ladson, SC, giving him, and in turn many viewers, the opportunity to see not only how the armored vehicles are manufactured, but the meticulous technology that goes into creating equipment that keeps our troops safe and helps bring them home safely. The feature also proved what a strong economic driver Force Protection, Inc. has been and continues to be for the state of South Carolina.

Force Protection is well known in defense departments and on battlefields around the world. We helped the company become better known in its home state by embedding WIS Sunrise anchor Stewart Moore with Force Protection’s top brass at Company HQ in Ladson, SC.

(Embedded WIS video)