We’re coming to you live from the DP&L power stadium... we call it the grid.

When Ohio-based DP&L came to us looking to ramp up their energy efficiency programs, we decided that the more we could break clutter, the better off we were to raise awareness for just how much Miami Valley residents and businesses could save.  And while we were at it, why shouldn’t we celebrate the people who were taking the time to make changes? That’s how the Energy Savings Champion campaign was born – and since hitting the airwaves, well, people are taking notice… month over month, traffic to rebates web pages increased 89% and lighting rebates traffic jumped 182%.

Now, about that green. We know people are motivated by money savings. So we wanted the campaign to feature the savings aspect of participating in the energy efficiency programs. And we wanted to do it in a fun way – so we created full-on sports celebratory moments, complete with a gatorade bath and full-on champagne celebration inside an amazingly accommodating family’s home. Talk about your not-so-average shoot day.

Check out all the pieces of this fully integrated campaign here.