We don’t know about you, but for us the 17-month Mad Men hiatus crawled by about as quickly as an ice age. Thankfully the season five premiere is this weekend, and before we can fully plan our retro-inspired appetizers for the premiere party – Jell-O molds, Melba toast and a fully stocked bar – the show is already stirring controversy.

As any good ad (wo)man will tell you, an image speaks volumes. The Mad Men folks unveiled an arresting one last month with a minimalist teaser campaign that evoked the show’s opening credits. For some, the falling man was a reminder of all-too-real photographic images of September 11.

Then a few weeks ago, we spied the season five poster and more series chatter about what our main ad man Don will experience starting March 25. The poster features Don staring at two mannequins in a store-front window and his stoic reflection between them, staring back at us.

Is this familiar mannequin tableau a reaffirmation of Don’s womanizing ways? We doubt the message is that simple after Don’s character arc last season lead him through [SPOILERS] the death of Anna, the one woman who truly knew him; the continued evolution of copywriter protégé Peggy; and young Sally’s explorations. Our guess? The fully clothed male mannequin means Don is moving past the easy solutions that he is used to seeking and we’re in for a season of surprises.

Excuse us while we Google “how to remove Jell-O from a Jell-O mold.”

Our own Don and Betty are anxious for the new season to start.