It’s the most wonderful time of the year – time to get creative for a good cause. For 23 years, Palmetto Health Foundation has hosted the Festival of Trees – an event that helps to raise money to create and enhance programs and services that benefit Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital. At Chernoff Newman, we always have a great time putting together a tree that gets auctioned off for the good of the children.

This year was no different as we decided to take our quest to the twittersphere in hopes to raise more awareness of the event, which leads to more donations for the kids. Our Christmas Twee entry follows the #FestivalofTrees hashtag on Twitter and posts your tweet on the tree itself. So if you’re at the Jingle Bell Jam and want to broadcast your love for #FestivalofTrees, you can do so. Or you’re visiting the show and just want to tell the world about your experience, you can show up on the Christmas Twee as well.

For the winner of the tree, you get to customize what hashtags to follow when you get home – so it’s great for families who live in different parts of the world but want to be in the same room with their loved ones over the holidays. Or a local company could use the tree to promote themselves to their customers during the holiday season. The highest bidder may win the Christmas Twee… but the children in our community are the ones who really reap the reward of your benevolence.

Visit the Festival of Trees from November 16-18 at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center.