One of the cool things about working at Chernoff Newman is that we get to dive in deep and learn a lot about our clients’ businesses, how they operate and even get sneak peeks behind the scenes.

Usually that means having some fun and creating campaigns and communications that help solve problems. However, when it came to creating an awareness campaign for the South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services (DAODAS), about the dangers of prescription opioids, ‘diving in deep’ was really more eye opening.

The opioid epidemic continues to make national headlines. Like many states, South Carolina is severely affected. Nearly five million opioid prescriptions are filled every year in our state. That’s more than one prescription for each person in the state.

Truth is, even commonly known opioids such as OxyContin, Demerol, Fentanyl and Vicodin are powerful, highly addictive narcotic substances. And, even when used as prescribed, they can lead to misuse and abuse.

So, when DAODAS came to us to raise awareness and help make a positive difference about SC’s opioid epidemic, we knew it was a chance to flex our creative muscles in a different way.

Just Plain Killers is a collaboration between DAODAS and 32 local substance abuse authorities, as well as other state associations, that focuses on prevention, intervention and the treatment of the disease of addiction.

The idea behind the concept is that even common, everyday behaviors can be fixating. We tell ourselves – just one more cup of coffee, just one more episode. Becoming dependent on opioids starts in a similar manner. People don’t intend to get hooked, but just one more pill can lead to one more prescription and eventual deadly consequences.

The goals are to help create much-needed awareness about opioid misuse and to get people involved in helping stop the epidemic. Our efforts kicked-off with a press conference with Governor McMaster and also include public service announcements, a robust website, a heavy social media push and a toolkit local agencies can customize for use in their communities.

Want to learn more about the dangers of opioids? Visit The website is dedicated to helping raise awareness, educating people about prescription pain killers and acting as a resource for taking action and getting help.

And, if you want to get more involved, then take the pledge to help educate South Carolinians about this disease and how to help manage it.