Of course the first thing you think about when someone mentions Orlando is Disney World. We get it. You’re never too old for Disney World! But if you’re really familiar with the area, the second thing you may think of is art. Orlando is known for its robust arts and culture scene, which is reflected in its countless murals and street graffiti that color the city. The Milk District in Orlando is an up-and-coming scene with murals scattered in the streets and alleys, including Orlando’s latest and largest mural appropriately painted on the side of the historic T.G. Lee Dairy building.

Our client, Florida Dairy Farmers, had an idea up their sleeve to combine Orlando’s love of art with the history of the land and generations of dairy farmers across Florida. In partnership with T.G. Lee Dairy (Dean Foods), Florida Dairy Farmers commissioned the mural through four local artists, who were brought to the Milking R Dairy farm in Okeechobee to learn first-hand about the passion, hard work and commitment that goes into responsible farming. After exploring the farm for inspiration, the artists came together to create the vision of a unique mural that is already turning heads.

This is the part of the story when the Chernoff Newman public relations team stepped in. Before the first brushstroke, our team was tapped to organize a media-only event hosted by Florida Dairy Farmers and other organization leaders who were involved in the planning and execution of the mural. We secured a visit from City of Orlando Commissioner Patty Sheehan who was able to contribute her own personal touch to the mural, helping add color to the “Milk District” cereal letters.



We’re always happy to help our clients create a buzz, or a “moooo” if you will, about their community involvement, especially when it’s rooted in history and hard work. The Milk District is now a little brighter and a little more connected to its past, all thanks to the team at Florida Dairy Farmers and T.G. Lee Dairy. And if you’re ever in the area, don’t forget to snap a selfie! Bonus points if you get the entire 205 ft piece in your picture.