It’s a delicate business – relating to the public. Our PR team is looking to add a rock-solid professional, someone skilled enough to know how to make clients shine in good times and how to manage the flow of information other times. Think Dickens (It was the best of times, it was the worst of times!) or switch hitting: We need a PR practitioner with the ability to approach and tackle a situation from all sides. If that’s you, read on. Others, back to Facebook.

Glad you’re still with us. Those interested in a the Public Relations Manager position at our Columbia office will need to bring their A-game as well as their ability to: 

  • Develop and execute public relations programs and activities for a wide variety of clients.
  • Write news releases, media advisories, speeches, letters, articles, blogs, etc.
  • Speak eloquently for our clients.
  • Tweet, get LinkedIn, understand Facebook and whatever social media next takes the world by storm.
  • Work as part of a team that includes creative & interactive peeps, media folks, brand managers and account executives.
  • Pitch and develop relationships with media.
  • Plan and manage events, whether news conferences, grand openings or media tours.
  • Present with conviction.
  • Adore analytics.

Table stakes include: a work ethic that doesn’t quit; a Bachelor’s degree in public relations, communications, creative writing, journalism or something else that reflects your devotion to solid communications and effective turns of phrase. You’ll need a track record of experience in corporate, agency or non-profit public relations – background in public affairs, government relations or politics is also an attractive attribute; three to five years of full-time professional experience; a gift for looking lots of projects and deadlines square in the eye and getting them to obey your will, and the ability to stay cool, calm and collected in a crisis.

Sound like your cup of tea? Send your resume and three to five writing samples to While you’re at it, find the two grammar errors in this job listing and be sure to mention them in your email.