Relationship begins with an R. And R is for keeping it real. For two people to have a relationship, they have to have a connection – something that ties them together. Once you find a connection, then you have to establish a level of trust. Because a relationship is nothing without knowing you can count on one another. Finally – there’s communication. Even if you don’t agree all the time, you have to have the ability to communicate – to share ideas, to learn new things, to enjoy each other’s company.

Speaking of company… this exact same idea goes for business relationships as well. Businesses don’t talk to other businesses. People from one business talk to people from another business. We have to keep it real!

It boils down to this – we’re all people. And this is a very important thing to remember when businesses reach out to their consumers via social networks. Connecting in a meaningful way is really the only way – you have to position your info as if you’re talking from person to person. Twitter may curb how many characters you have, but it doesn’t keep you from being personal. So… no matter what kind of social network you’re currently using, find your voice, find a connection, establish trust and then communicate. For real.