Each year, we take our best work and enter it into a bevy of awards shows from smaller, local shows to regional and national shows. Not only are these great opportunities to highlight our work, awards shows like these are good for agency morale, they help establish benchmarks for good – I mean, great – work, and they help attract the best clients and agency talent. Plus, they add credibility to the agency and highlight our clients for being part of the creative process and for being forward thinking.

So, yes, we jump at the chance to dress-it-up, attend a fancy party and momentarily take the spotlight while the audience applauds and the cameras flash. It’s our industry’s version of Hollywood. And, while it’s certainly gratifying to know a panel of judges, who are industry peers, laud your work, sometimes, recognition comes from our clients.

In this particular case, we’re talking about Southland Log Homes. Not too long ago, we created a campaign called “Sketch to Life” that featured a customer-focused video and a print ad. What we didn’t know was that Southland decided to enter the print ad in the 2018 BSC Jerry Rouleau Awards for Excellence in Marketing – a part of the National Association of Home Builders.

The awards recognize outstanding promotional materials produced not only by log and timber builders, but also modular, panel and concrete home manufacturers. Overall, there were 46 entries from across the country in multiple categories. To win, entries must average at least 17 points (out of 20) from all judges and rank higher than all other entries within individual categories.

So, as you might have guessed, Southland won the print ads category. As much as we take pride in the work we do at here at the agency, and the award shows we participate in, we are especially appreciative when clients like Southland think enough of our work to enter it into their own industry shows.

A big thank you to everyone at Southland Log Homes.

– Trevor