It’s true… we love good beer. One of us may prefer the uber hoppy nature of an IPA (Tim Kelly), others like the full-bodied taste of a robust stout (Tye Price, Carl Henderson, Harrison Croft), some go the brisk route of a tasty red ale (Elizabeth Rogers and Sarah Derreberry) and you can always count on the one person who loves the dark goodness of a Dopplebock (yours truly). But no matter what type of beer each of us prefer (and many of you Brewman’s remained unnamed), all of us here can turn to a favorite from Thomas Creek Brewery.

Now you too can Sink the Status Quo and find your own favorite beer by visiting Thomas Creek Brewery online. We are proud to collaborate with this unique South Carolina company to showcase the different types of atypical beers they proudly pour at the Brewery in Greenville, SC and in many different retailers and bars across the Southeast.

So if you’re 21 years old, then log on today to find a beer you fancy – and while you’re there you can easily search for a place to purchase it. Or… if you’re near one of our locations, stop by and share a brew with us. Cheers!