Some of the most respected thinkers in the Brand & Marketing space were represented as keynote speakers. These professionals provided all of us attendees an opportunity to delve into the ever-evolving world of agency work and client business. I attended sessions on applied neurosciences and conventional storytelling. I was also able to take-in ideas on data-driven creativity and how to reach emerging economies. This is truly an exciting time to be working in our industry.

I’m excited to bring back key takeaways that we will be able to deploy at Chernoff Newman, almost immediately. This content will benefit our client partners in helping them to achieve their marketing, communications and business objectives. I plan to share several ideas and discoveries regarding digital platforms, brand building, brand personality, disruption, anatomies of trends and social engagement today at 4:00 at our main office in Columbia. If you’re in the area, please drop by participate in the conversation.

I will also be launching a blog series around each of these topics that will be featured in the near future. Stay tuned to for updates as we explore exciting new ways marketing professionals are creating brand communities with new ideas.