Anyone who knows me knows that pink is not my favorite color. But come October, it is everywhere. And not only do I tolerate it, I accept it willingly. Because breast cancer awareness is so important to me, as I’m sure it is to every other person’s family that the disease has touched.

So when our friends at NFIB came to us saying that they wanted to create a way to celebrate women business owners while also donating to breast cancer awareness during the month of October, we all jumped at the chance to help out. Together, we created The PowHER to Achieve. And not only does it recognize the success of women business owners across America, it also gives new members a way to benefit breast cancer awareness because NFIB will make a donation in your honor.

So if you know a wonderful woman who does great things running her business and could benefit from the resources that NFIB offers, then ask her to join today. And also encourage her to visit their site to register for great prizes during the month of October. But hurry – there’s not a lot of time left!

And who knows? Maybe if we get enough of you to share this post socially, I’ll even don a pink shirt myself. I’d just have to buy one first!