Eating disorders. We bet you know someone with one. We bet you haven’t approached them to ask if they need help. We bet you might not even know where to start.

The truth is that eating disorders are everywhere. Females and males are both affected. Old and young are susceptible. Yet somehow we’ve swept them under the rug, where they hide. And where they can destroy a life, or even a family.

So when we were asked to create the branding elements for an eating disorder clinic in Columbia, we jumped at the chance to help others get better. To create something that would help to inform, to provide a safe place to seek help.

From there, The Hearth Center for Healing was born. Why The Hearth? It’s warm and inviting. It’s a place where families gather. It’s almost like home. Take a look at the site we’ve been proud to work on. But more importantly, take the time to ask someone if they need help. And then you can show them the way to The Hearth.