What an agency is today is not even what it was last week.

As people change and as their behavior changes, so should the type of work we do in order to better connect them to the brands we serve. The Chernoff Newman that so many people know us for is one of PR, advertising or media services. Note the OR. The agency is all of those things AND so much more – digital has taken over the lives of our consumers and we, too, have adapted. In fact, we continue to adapt each and every day. And we needed a brand that would allow people the opportunity to look at us differently. A look that more accurately describes who we are and what we do. A look that is forward-leaning, smart and people-oriented. A way of talking about ourselves that showcases our curiosity and creativity while maintaining a foundation of innovation and measurement. At Chernoff Newman, we are shaping the future of business. And our philosophy is grounded in finding a human connection that positively impacts the bottom line of our clients. Quite simply, we discover, create, connect and inspire.

It’s about doing the homework. Digging deep into the problem. Diving into the research. Uncovering the truth… the truth that provides our client with a distinct differentiation in the marketplace. The truth is out there. And our job is to find it. But we don’t stop there. Then we think of ways to manipulate and protect our differentiation. This is what we call strategy. And it is of the utmost importance in all of our work.

Research defines our strategy. And then our strategy is put to the test. This is where we roll up our sleeves, look each other in the eye and lay it all on the table. Who our consumer is. What is it we are trying to get them to do. When do we anticipate it all happening. Why it matters. How it looks and feels. Create is all inclusive. Everyone at the agency participates in creation. It is why we got into this business in the first place.

This is the moment of launch. It’s that catch in your throat when all the work we’ve put in meets the world in which it was intended to live. Connect is about the consumer. It’s that moment in time when all the clutter falls away and the truth is revealed. This is when everything gets real. The plan, the ad, the app, the pr, the website, it doesn’t matter what we are creating… connect is the point where the consumer comes in contact with the brand in a relevant and meaningful way.

The connections we create – it is for a reason. And that reason is to move people to do something, to buy something, to like something, to share something. We inspire consumers to make decisions on the products we love each and every day. And it is our hope that the inspiration does not stop there – that our consumers’ friends will be inspired. That their friends will be inspired and ultimately that the work we just completed will inspire us to go out and get to work on the next big idea.

Throughout each of these steps, we measure along the way. We set goals, analyze the data and optimize where we are to make sure we end up where we intended… and then we start all over again.

This website is our most outwardly facing representation of our brand (besides the people who work here, of course). So enjoy looking around and if you like what you see, then let us know. We’d love to connect with you.