CPM Federal Credit Union is a small financial institution that has its sights set on expanding by increasing membership.

The two branches had more than 850 visitors (and counting), 121 new accounts totaling nearly $82,000 and 52 new loans totaling more than $700,000.


Greatly increase mind share, website traffic and telephone inquiries by potential members and in-person visits to both branches.


Take a lighthearted approach to tackling a serious topic. Let people know what they are missing out on due to their banks’ high fees and interest rates - like concert tickets, beer and pizza.


With a limited budget and a smart mix of digital and traditional advertising, we concentrated messaging on potential customers who may not be familiar with the benefits and savings a credit union offers.

So Money

Print ads and posters feature cleverly designed images using visual elements from money – an untraditional approach for the financial sector that helps CPM stand out.

Outdoor fun

Simple, eye-catching outdoor helps reinforce our message and encourages people to visit branches for some free goodies – like craft beer.

Sign Us Up

‘Yard signs’ and posters at branch locations featured tempting reasons for people to stop by – including a window poster at the Park Circle branch, which is adjacent to the area’s annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration.