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Creating a World-Class Trail

Engaging the community to help create a world-class trail to spur connectivity and economic development across the Charlotte metropolitan area.

Captured input from hundreds of area residents, businesses and interest groups about their preferences and priorities for this new 26-mile shared-used trail.


Build community ownership of the $35+ million investment. Engage public in master planning to decide trail alignment, connections to neighborhoods and other critical issues and preferences.


Support development with community wide buy-in about how people and businesses want to use the trail to connect across the city.


Unique opportunities to participate in planning process and learn about the trail, through hands-on workshops, facilitated discussions and online surveys.

New Ways to Travel

The Cross Charlotte Trail will be a shared-use trail system. It will be a linear park and transportation passageway for walking, bicycling and running.

Connecting People

Once complete, the trail will be a seamless path connecting people and neighborhoods to the larger trail network without using a car.

A Continuous New Path

Spanning across the county, the trail will connect many of the region’s most cherished places and major employment centers offering a useful transportation system for both recreation and commuting.

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