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Dedication to Education

  • PRSA Mercury Awards, Integrated Communications
  • IABC Palmetto Award of Excellence
South Carolina continues to push further with its educational endeavors. dedicationtoeducation.com

In only six weeks, overall campaign awareness was nearly 50%. From spring to fall in 2018, the campaign social channels had more than 12,000,000 impressions, showing an increase of 37%. We were able to increase followers by 30%. Engagements were the real winner, up 777%.


In 2018, there was a change in focus in SC from the importance of education to jobs and the economy. Our task was to bring education back into the spotlight by improving public perceptions about K-12 public education, as well as the positive progress that had already been made, all while retaining current teachers and recruiting new teachers.


Share compelling stories about those who have benefitted from the SC education system and those who are working hard to make education better here. In addition, we also shared statistics that highlighted positive, yet unknown, facts—especially when it came to graduation rates, reading levels and test scores.


We created an integrated, statewide campaign with a strong social and digital presence for our teacher testimonials, an informational microsite, radio spots and four :15 TV commercials that touted some of the state's lesser-known accomplishments in regards to education.

Teachers make a difference

Teachers are invaluable role models. That’s no different in SC. So, we recruited some of the state’s best to showcase what they do.

:15 TV commercials

Four TV commercials teased audiences into thinking it’s “education as usual” in SC. A positive, perception-changing twist shows the progress the state has made.

Thanking Teachers

The Today Show’s Craig Melvin is a South Carolinian who went to public school here. As part of the campaign, he provided a video that praises his teaches and the education he received in South Carolina.

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