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It’s a Matter of Taste

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Taking the Certified SC Grown brand into phase two of its development called for changing the tagline and serving up a bounty of scrumptious meals around tables across the state. certifiedscgrown.com

The campaign debuted in late 2013 and will hit the airwaves again in May, when grocery aisles and roadside market stands abound with fresh, local food.


Reinvigorate the Certified SC Grown brand so that people living in the state will be more likely to choose locally grown food, thereby supporting our overall economy.


Make heroes of the farmers who work so hard to provide the food that we eat, as well as remind people of all the different types of food that is available locally.


This campaign takes a more traditional approach to advertising and includes television, print and outdoor.

Local Just Tastes Better

We shot a few scenes from our TV at Cooley Farms in the Upstate. And the milkshakes they made for us with fresh fruit, well, they were more than delicious.


The Certified SC Grown brand has recently expanded to include the seafood found along our coastline. Ask your grocer if they carry the freshest, best tasting seafood in the state.

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