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Milk Promo

Week after week, moms are always picking up a gallon (or two!) of milk. That’s why we launched a free milk game - to get this important target audience coming into the Pig more often.

After 13 weeks of the promotion, incremental sales saw a 14.8% lift. In addition, the number of gallons sold and the number of trips for milk per customer rose by 19% each.


Increase store sales by driving customer frequency.


Launch the milk promotion at the start of the school year so that moms could get in the routine of visiting the Pig week after week.


High-energy television commercials and radio spots, as well as traditional print advertising, drove moms into the stores, where they would then find numerous in-store promotional materials.

Can You Spin?

Yes, sign spinning is a thing. One member of our troupe is ranked 5th in the nation for his sign spinning spectacular moves.