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One Region Ready

In six weeks, we worked with One Region, a body of public, private, nonprofit, and educational organization leaders, to plan, launch and promote an economic recovery plan for the Charleston region during COVID-19.

One Region Ready gained significant earned media, community adoption and much attention from local and statewide elected officials who touted it as a key tool in returning our region to work safely.


One Region, a global competitiveness strategy for greater Charleston, South Carolina, was tasked by area civic leadership to create the economic recovery plan for the region in the COVID-19 era.


Bring together local municipalities, health care leadership and business leadership to communicate health guidelines, create a COVID-19 dashboard and rollout a pledge program to build consumer confidence and reopen businesses safety.


Chernoff Newman helped guide the formation, design and communication around the One Region Ready Plan. Our leadership became heavily involved in communicating the value of the plan and the program to area media, business leaders and government entities.

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