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Be Legendary

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Sorinex is the leading innovator in American-made strength and conditioning equipment. sorinex.com

Six different social videos amassed over 300,000 social impressions across Instagram and Facebook. One product video alone held an all-time high of engagement, with 8.1K likes and 1.7M views. Website page views per session increased 22.36% and the average session duration increased 19.16%.


Position the Sorinex brand to accurately depict who they’ve grown to be over the last 35 years, and distinguish the difference between their innovative strength training equipment and their competitors.


Raise awareness and increase sales by uniting their tribe—the people who make up the strength training world—and remind them that Sorinex is the only brand who allows you to build a better you.


The website features compelling product and staff videos that showcase who they are and their unique product offering. Additionally, we provided brand collateral like business cards and stationery.

The call to action

Be Legendary. The tagline became the rallying cry to the company’s tribe of extraordinary athletes. Bound by a common call to do something great, Sorinex leads these men and women to better themselves.

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