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Fall enrollment meant it was time for a new creative approach for Technical College of the Lowcountry. This campaign drove traffic directly to a microsite so that we could measure engagement throughout the enrollment period.

One month into the campaign and we had generated 1,603 visits to the custom URL; 2,462 page views; and 89.27% new visits. Viewership grew as the campaign caught on.


Increase awareness about TCL’s offerings in a more trackable manner, providing useful information for making future campaigns more effective, efficient and better targeted.


Utilize common clichés to grab the attention of high school students and the current workforce and pose a lingering question to get them thinking about their future, their careers and the types of classes and opportunities offered at the Technical College of the Lowcountry.


Create outdoor, banner ads, radio and social media with trackable, medium-specific URLs that drive target audiences to a custom microsite.

The Tale of Two Audiences

The hardest part about attracting students to TCL is the fact that their ages vary greatly. The idea of using clichés, whether you are 18 or 38, worked across the board.

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