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The Chicken Book

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Law changes made it easier for those in the poultry industry to relocate to South Carolina. To make sure the state remained top-of-mind, this unique coffee table book touts the advantages of doing business here.

Because this is a long-term campaign, concrete numbers aren’t in just yet. However, the South Carolina Department of Agriculture’s agribusiness division has received extremely positive reactions and feedback.


Expand South Carolina’s poultry industry by recruiting out-of-state companies.


As part of a broader campaign, created a dedicated poultry industry recruitment book that points out all the reasons why South Carolina is the perfect place to relocate or establish locations here.


Hand-deliver each book to those at the top of the pecking order in the poultry industry.

Banner ads

Even though the books were hand-delivered, geofenced banner ads served as support and as a reminder of the recruitment messages. A clever call to action asks viewers to “Cluck Here” for more information.

Inside the Chicken Book

Standard business recruiting topics, such as skilled labor, logistics, location and lifestyle are given a fun and industry-focused twist by using different chicken characters that represent those topics, such as Ruth Bader Hensburg.

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