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This branding exercise took what was Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority and turned it into a hip, new transit system with new leadership and new energy. Once reenergized, CMRTA became The COMET.

Ridership has increased by 60% since unveiling the new brand. As new routes are added, more riders are expected to get on board.


Update the CMRTA brand so that the system became a ride of choice for commuting to work, traveling to downtown events or visiting attractions.


Evoke a feeling of change in both leadership and in system operations by creating something that you literally cannot miss driving around town.


Logo development came in the form of a full redesign of all corporate materials, interiors and exteriors of the buses and a new website. Upcoming materials include all new signage.

Going Mobile

The ridership of The COMET asked for information at their fingertips, so the new brand also included a new face online—from cell phones to tablets to desktop devices.