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Craft beer calls for a craft-made website. We worked with Thomas Creek Brewery to overhaul their site so that it would not only be user-friendly, but also representative of their atypical beer brand. thomascreekbeer.com

Visits to the new site increased dramatically and followers of the brand and their beers praised the new look and functionality via social channels.


Create a new web presence that was in line with the company’s motto—Sink the Status Quo.


Connect with the fan-base of Thomas Creek by offering a website unlike any other. The side-scrolling beer section is one example of how we managed to create something that other beer companies were not currently doing.


The website offers a responsive design so it works across different platforms. We also integrated a number of social profiles to help the site maintain higher rankings in search functionalities.

Home is where the brewery is

Do you live near Greenville, South Carolina? Then head over to the brewery and check out their new tasting room.

Chernoff Brewman

It’s true. We love beer. And we love local beer even more. Check out the site to see where you can pick up your own favorite version of Thomas Creek.

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