Unlocking human potential through intentional AI adoption

AI enables knowledge workers the opportunity to generate even more creative, intentional, and distinctly human work.

November 3, 2023
Senior Vice President, Brand and Media Strategy Director

If you haven’t lost any sleep over AI in the last 10 months, you haven’t been paying attention.

This is the belief of Ethan Mollick, Associate Professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and leading innovation researcher, who is so certain of generative AI’s transformative effect on our lives that he’s made its use a mandatory part of his lesson plans. Recent reports from McKinsey and Goldman Sachs support his certainty, suggesting that between 20-30% of all work will be automated soon—a prediction that leaves some of us anxious and others exhilarated. While we can’t deny that there will be effects on employment as some companies strive for enhanced efficiency by reducing personnel, there’s also a silver lining. This evolving technology holds promise, especially in the realm of knowledge work like marketing and communications. It’s all about how we, as humans, can harness AI to unleash our full potential.

Consider the proportion of our time consumed by mundane or repetitive tasks daily or weekly, regardless of our positions. The answer is probably more than we’d prefer. Now, imagine the additional time available for profound thinking and more meaningful work if we could eliminate 25% of our least gratifying tasks. AI doesn’t have to supplant knowledge workers; instead, it can liberate us to perform better, more creative, and distinctly human work.

As tools progress and generative AI becomes more sophisticated and creative, we possess something machines cannot mimic – our unique worldviews, molded by our experiences, personalities, and perceptions. Harnessing AI to streamline routine tasks and ignite creativity allows us to concentrate on what we excel at – connecting, understanding, and creating in manners beyond machines’ capabilities.

Train employees how to leverage AI

If your organization is lagging in AI adoption, here are some actionable steps to catch up:

1. Establish an AI Task Council

Form a compact team to monitor news and advancements in the domain, evaluate new tools, and contemplate staff training. It’s an overwhelming task for an individual, so identify those passionate about this subject and task them with formulating a plan to ensure your company can leverage AI, avoiding falling behind competitors.

2. Articulate a Company Stance on AI

In early 2023, when Chernoff Newman initiated planning for the impending proliferation of generative AI and its implications, we began with our core values and company culture. We crafted an agency stance on AI as a solid foundation to navigate the forthcoming transformation.

3. Offer Employees AI Usage Guidelines

It’s likely numerous employees are already utilizing AI tools. Having clear guidelines and best practices ensures they comprehend the proper tool usage, enabling risk mitigation. At Chernoff Newman, our guidelines are segmented into four categories: Transparency, Bias Mitigation, Data Privacy, and Human Insight. Each aims to shield both employees and the company from AI misuse.

4. Cultivate Your Brand

The ascent of AI transcends mere technological progression; it symbolizes a paradigm shift destined to restructure industries, modify consumer behavior, and alter global interactions. In this AI-centric scenario, traditional search may lose its prominence as consumers turn to AI for product inquiries and recommendations. This evolution implies that conventional SEO/SEM strategies might fall short. Large language models like GPT-4, trained on vast data and content, require a brand’s prominence to extend beyond merely websites and social channels. Ensuring your brand’s significant presence will compel AI platforms to recognize your importance.

Align AI initiatives with your company’s core values

The integration of AI in our daily routines and professional engagements isn’t a distant notion but a present-day reality. Proactively understanding and adapting to this novel technology enables intentional utilization. Aligning your AI initiatives with your company’s core values is a prudent approach to future-preparedness, maintaining authenticity.

At Chernoff Newman, we perceive AI not as a threat to human creativity, but as a catalyst unlocking new potentials and possibilities. As we persist in exploring and innovating alongside this ever-evolving technology, we remain devoted to ensuring AI augments our and our clients’ capacities to connect, understand, and create in profoundly human ways.

Are you interested in how you can prepare your brand for the coming changes in communications due to AI? Our team is staying on top of the latest trends and tools in this quickly-evolving space.

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