Data & Analytics

Launch isn’t the end for us – it’s merely another beginning.

From simple data collection and integration to predictive modeling with AI-infused tools, we deploy a variety of techniques to make campaign recommendations and improve performance. Aggregating data from a variety of sources, our custom visualization dashboards report this performance at a cadence that allows for timely optimization throughout the lifespan of a campaign.



Proprietary research is critical to planning, messaging and execution of work for our clients.

Our custom projects range from corporate image analysis to public issues opinion surveys, new product development studies, consumer satisfaction tracking, executive interviews with corporate consumers and competitive intelligence.



We are adept at leveraging diverse data sets to find and understand audiences that deliver results.

Our unique understanding of what influences people comes from a multi-faceted approach, including: audience personas to assist in messaging development and targeting, consumer segmentations to identify sources of growth, simple day-in-the-life to refine contextual engagement, and detailed customer journeys to optimize ROI.



Setting budgets for success by evaluating scenarios and refining goals.

We combine a variety of analytics techniques to determine key budget parameters. These include: modeling of reach scenarios for an initial budget and channel mix, geo-mapping a distribution footprint to define universe boundaries, mapping influence to determine PR or Social goals, and using machine learning to attribute response by channel and predict ROI.



Optimizing and verifying delivery across all channels, whether traditional or digital.

Our tech stack is built to be flexible and adaptable, with hands-on-keyboard optimization. We work with local linear partners to manage inventory for efficiency and reach, and we manage digital/social campaigns in real-time, ensuring verification and protection from fraud, while using a variety of optimization techniques to deliver performance and ROI.



Reporting is managed through our proprietary methodology, MetricIQ.

MetricIQ aggregates a wide range of campaign performance data across all channels into a single platform with custom access options – from monthly, weekly, to a real-time dashboard available 24/7. This allows monitoring of campaign performance across at the appropriate cadence, delivering key insights and affirming that KPIs are being delivered.