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Branding Campaign

As Dayton and the surrounding areas dealt with an economic downturn, the energy company found itself ready and willing to bolster support of what was to come for the residents of the Miami Valley.

An independent poll proved that there was an increase in overall satisfaction of DP&L’s brand. In addition, the poll found that the concern for the environment scores dramatically improved, specifically when looking at planning for future energy needs and energy programs and services.


Resurrect a brand that had been dark for over ten years in the midst of an oppressive economic turndown.


Create a sense of staying power for the electric utility by putting them in a leadership position for the Miami Valley.


Traditional media of outdoor billboards, television spots and print ads were accompanied with targeted banner ads to create a fully integrated campaign.

The Future is Bright

Shooting this campaign took us into the Midwest during winter. But we survived without running into snow—and so did the kids who made this campaign shine.

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