Brand Strategy

Your brand is an external reflection of your internal culture.

Through our proprietary HumanIQ planning process, we align missions and visions, provide core audience segmentation and determine a company’s benefit, value and personality. This exercise in differentiation informs our brand identity and brand experience work.

Brand Research

We collect data and analyze consumer insights to achieve the highest ROI for all of the marketing campaigns we execute.

This data-driven initiative ensures that we are delivering impactful consumer results and achieving relevant KPIs.

Persona Development

Our proven process begins with a relentless focus on the consumer.

We use proprietary and syndicated research to create and develop audience personas that correspond to your customer segmentation. Personas include details such as geographical location, sociodemographic data, interests and potential sources of data for activation.

Brand Positioning

Competitive positioning is derived by clearly establishing a differentiation in the competitive landscape.

Today’s marketing climate is always evolving, therefore we optimize strategic plans that create value — value for the consumer, value for the brand, value for the company and value for shareholders.

Brand architecture

Brands must delineate how they connect with their many audiences across their entire product or service footprint.

We work with your marcom team to create both a verbal and visual architecture that accurately and acutely portrays who you are, what you do and why your brand matters to the world.

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