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  • Charleston AMA Spark! Best Branding
Redefining the ready-to-deploy solutions for healthcare workforce, financial, operational and compliance needs. solventnetworks.com

Brand awareness grew 60% in six months, with verbatims reflecting the desired positioning.


Rebrand the SC Hospital Association’s solutions division to better project the passion for solving South Carolina's most complex healthcare business issues.


Create a sophisticated and valued brand identity that aligns better metrics with better business decisions through a trusted strategic partner.


Full brand identity, from naming to logo and tagline, website and marketing materials as well as a launch event for internal stakeholders.

Complex business issues, solved.

We wanted the logo mark to really draw you in—as if your eyes are solving a puzzle as you review it. M.C. Escher was a master at it, so we took inspiration from his work in both this and our brand video.

Pain Points

The more we talked about solving healthcare pain points, the more we began to use the term. So we created a newsletter, called “Pain Points,” that goes out to SCHA members to share the many ways Solvent Networks solves complex business issues.

Lunch Launch Party

SCHA hosted a luncheon with key staff and stakeholders to announce the new brand. They then began to spread the word to members about the new name and brand architecture.

Put our thinking to work

If you're looking to combine creativity with business know-how and are interested in results-driven, integrated communications solutions for your company, then we'd like to talk.

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