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Don’t Go Viral

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While the pandemic was busy breaking records, this safety campaign was designed to break through the clutter.


The campaign resulted in 65 million impressions, with social placements leading engagement. We leveraged the PSA nature of the campaign to secure bonus spot matches across Spanish language radio and SC Radio network, increasing ad exposure among the most vulnerable audience groups. In total, the campaign resulted in over a quarter of a million clicks to the landing pages.


Create a message for an audience that is not only fatigued from numerous pandemic-related public health campaigns, but who also don't see the virus as a serious threat. Grab attention, educate and emphasize the risk of spread in daily activities. Direct audience to medical advice on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19


Provoke a thumb-stopping, action-evoking, cross-channel campaign targeted to a diverse statewide audience. Given the broad audience and exhausted messaging, it was crucial to break through mis-information and negative clutter to reinforce safety messaging.


Using a cross-channel approach, the multi-message campaign played across major social platforms, streaming audio, Spanish radio, digital outdoor boards and display banner ads. Through use of geo-location, the display banners targeted people participating in risky activities in real time - like going to salons or restaurants.

Getting the message

Voicemails from COVID-19 intrigued listeners on terrestrial radio and streaming audio.

Geo-targeted Digital Display

The digital display banners were targeted to users’ mobile devices as they partook in high risk moments in real time. The animated ads were designed to seamlessly appear as a native alert based on the users’ device and reminded them to stay safe. 

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