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Hello Future

AES had been in the DP&L and IPL territories more than 10 years. With a new global brand rollout planned, there was an important market opportunity to communicate the brand values of AES to the US Utilities market.

Findings from the post-wave study indicate a successful brand rollout campaign with high awareness, low negativity and a transfer of positive attributes from the original brands.


Introduce AES to the community while also enhancing the awareness, credibility and belief in how the company provides innovative solutions, a value-driven culture and global resources to the homes and businesses of the Indianapolis and Miami Valley areas.


The campaign played on the nostalgia of inspirational childhood awe to bring awareness to the energy innovation being deployed in each community.


This fully integrated campaign included television, OTT, radio, social, SEM, print and display ads, as well as a heavy local PR effort.

Global x local

AES had been a part of each community for quite some time. While the understanding of the local market helped ease the brand transition, our research showed us that consumers needed constantly reminders of the brand change – in advertising, online and in the field on trucks, hard hats and especially on billing statements.

An investment in the future

AES is working to develop and deliver new energy solutions, and the children in both the Miami Valley and Indianapolis have a way of expressing the excitement that comes along with innovation. Our teams worked together to identify school partnerships that take can make this less than a marketing effort and more about accelerating the future of energy, together.

In the news

Our collective teams were provided the opportunity to introduce the new US Utilities President and CEO Kristina Lund and put her at the helm to answer questions from media outlets on the brand rollout. And when the NCAA moved all of their games and coverage for March Madness, we pitched going green for the entire run of show. AES garnered media attention when the games were powered with renewable energy.

Put our thinking to work

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