Chernoff Newman has been working with the South Carolina Ports Authority for over six years — from public relations to fully integrated campaigns and now, we’ve recently launched their new website.


The largest overhaul to the website was thinking through the user experience of content, especially on high-traffic pages. Deploying a modular design approach, our customized content blocks allow our clients to easily add to any page across their site.

“The site’s new editing dashboard simplifies the content updating process. We appreciate the customization the Chernoff Newman team built uniquely for the new website design. And we think our customers and stakeholders will have an easier time finding the content they need to support the logistics of their businesses with the improved site navigation.”

– English Purcell, Manager, Corporate Communications Support & Website Administrator at South Carolina Ports Authority

We hope you take the time to check out If you’re interested in starting a new website project and want to learn more about our collaborative digital approach, please contact Danielle Salley.