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Economic Impact Study

SC Ports tracks jobs created, tax revenue generated and total wages paid annually.

The strategic messaging campaign generated over 30 million impressions on outdoor, over 5,000 radio GRPs, circulated print ads to a readership of 2 million subscribers, drove 22,000 visits to the landing page and delivered over 13 million impressions across multiple digital platforms.


Inform local and statewide elected officials, business leaders and South Carolinians across the state of SCPA’s $63.4 billion impact on South Carolina’s economy.


Utilize an omni-channel approach to deliver statistical information about the South Carolina Ports Authority’s impact on tax revenue for the state, job creation, employee wages, and overall influence on the South Carolina economy.


The Economic Impact Campaign was deployed across several mediums, including; outdoor, radio, print, digital and social channels. Utilizing attention-grabbing creative, the campaign provided immediate relevant information and drove users to the campaign landing page to learn more.

Statewide Impact

SC Ports generates a significant economic impact in South Carolina. Our EIS campaign highlights this impact by showcasing both statewide and regional data on the number of jobs created, tax revenue generated, and total wages paid by SCPA.